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Posted on 16 Jan 2013 by Gregg Marc Miller




The Miami HEAT and Lebron James are 1 game away from winning the NBA Championship. Heat win game #4 104-98.
One game between James and his life long dream!
He did his part with 26pts and 9 rebounds despite a late 4th quarter leg injury.
It was Chalmers though who really made the Thunder pay.
Off double teams of either James or Wade, Chalmers would be there for the kick out, and either drain the 3pt shot or drive for the layup. He played his role well with 25 pts, unlike that of Harden of OKC. He's having an awful series missing a host of key shots shooting another dismal 2-10, and forcing strange turnovers.
Russell Westbrook is amazing! And the Thunder team is just too young and inexperienced to realize strategic game moments. Westbrook scored 43 points!
Down the stretch the ball should have gone through his hands every single time because he was getting to the basket with ease, instead precious possessions were wasted on Sephalosha's wild three attempt and Harden's indecisive moves.
Durant and Westbrook...that's all they can really trust.
It won't be enough to get them home.
King James will be crowned in Miami Game #5
Posted on 19 Jun 2012 by Gregg Marc Miller
The Los Angeles KINGS won their 1st ever Stanley Cup Championship in the teams 45 year history!
With a young nucleus this team will be a top contender in the west for years to come.
The goalie Jonathan Quick is barely of legal age in most states and has a bright future ahead of him. Plus the defensive play of Drew Doughty mixed in with the All American Captain Dustin Brown plus key veterans, it was a storybook ending for the Kings who had to replace their coach midseason to get it done.
Of course when you're replacing a coach you never really think you're going to win that season! Well for the Kings that came true hiring Daryll Sutter of the famous Sutter brothers Hockey family after firing Terry Murray.
The move worked out for only the 5th time in NHL history.
Now the KINGS are the champions after relieving the NJ Devils of their Hockey life line in 6 games.
Quick was the obvious MVP giving up only 7 goals in the 6 Stanley Cup games.
Can't wait till next season!!
Posted on 17 Jun 2012 by Gregg Marc Miller
KINGS Will Prevail
The LA KINGS blew an opportunity to win their 1st Stanley Cup Championship in a sweep @ Staples center over the New Jersey Devils.
The Devils won game 4 by sticking to their game plan being patient and waiting for the right opps to strike. They did not rely on bullying and overly aggressive tactics.
They got that done taking their 1st lead in any game over Quick in the 3rd period by Patrick Elias, the game winner by Henrique and added an empty netter to win 3-1.
Kings needs to carry on now and win in NJ on Saturday.
Broduer still showing something left in the tank. However these road KINGS have not been stopped. To extend the series and give LA fans another crack at viewing a Championship on their home Ice, The Devils need to spring early past Doughty and get shots up high on Quick in order to beat him.
Being short in height might be his only weakness, as teams can get him up high as Elias proved.
No matter what this team will NOT blow the 3-0 lead they had and will win the Cup.
Devils proved their worth and reason why the franchise has won 3 Stanley cups themselves...but that's as far as they go in 2011-2012
Next story will be of a KINGS VICTORY!
Posted on 07 Jun 2012 by Gregg Marc Miller
Who's Huge in Sports?
The LA KINGS are about to embark on a rare journey as they enter the NHL Western conference finals as the 8th seed and first of it's kind to knock off a #1 and #2 seed in NHL history to get there.
The Kings who have not been in this spot in 19 years are poised to go to the Stanley Cup Finals for the second time in team history if they can knock off the COYOTES of Phoenix. I mean come on...hockey in the desert??
Truth is the Coyotes are a damn good Hockey team splitting the regular season against the Kings 3-3.
Back in 93 when the Kings had Gretzky, it was a veteran club of free agents that wasn't built to last. This Kings team was built through the draft and key free agent acquisitions that puts them in a position to continue building and growing, especially when you have a youthful productive foundation in Jonathon Quick in goal, and Drew Doughty on defense.
The Kings have done this thing right!
So be grateful Kings fans, and especially those who doubted Quick when he stumbled a bit the last few years in the playoffs.
This kid is the anchor of the franchise and main reason the team is in this position. After all LA is not a high powered offense, but there's a system here installed by Coach Sutter upon his arrival that is working.
Now there's only reason to be optimistic and believe this team can win right now!
Coyotes will not make it easy, but with an inspired Richards, Carter and Staal, the Kings are primed to prosper.
I would love to see a KINGS/RANGERS final. that would be fun.
Fist things first, and that's to beat Phoenix.
Regardless, this series is one to grab hold of as a fan and support the team like never before. It took so long to get to this spot, and with the youth displayed on this team the future looks bright. but again.... you never know when you'll get back here. So enjoy it, and win baby!
Go Kings Go!
Posted on 12 May 2012 by Gregg Marc Miller
Who's Huge in Sports?
Rick Pitino works his magic!
LOUISVILLE upsets MICHIGAN State 57-44 to get to the elite 8!
Pitino 10-0 in sweet 16 appearances!
Plus the way The Cardinals struggled this season in Big East play (10-8) goes to show either the Big East is that dominant, or Rick Pitino is an amazing coach , who was able to motivate his players at the right time, and perform on a high level on the big stage.
I think the Big East is that tough. However it takes a great coach like Pitino to know how to prepare your kids for the huge moment.
He's done that gracefully amongst a cloud of bad personal publicity that only his recent success can make fade into the black.
I can only assume all Louisville Kentucky fans will not remember a thing about Rick Pitino's personal shortcomings if this roll continues to New Orleans.
Posted on 22 Mar 2012 by Gregg Marc Miller
Is LIN Mania here to Stay?
There's so much Irony in the fact that Jeremy Lin has emerged as a surprising star for the NY Knicks.
This type of emergence is really unheard of?
It's one thing to have a rookie on the end of the bench come in and shock some people with consistent play, but the way in which it's unfolded for Lin is Linsanity!
At a time when the teams 2 star players were out, and at a time when the Knicks have been crying desperate for a point guard, exploring trade possibilities while waiting for Baron Davis to arrive.
At a time where the head coach's future was becoming increasingly in doubt, and the teams chosen star players were not gelling on the court, emerges this pure point guard, who happens to be born out of Asian/Chinese culture, and because of his association with the KNICKS and the market in NYC, his global interests become huge for all Asian countries if his play continues to flourish. He could end up being bigger than Yao Ming!
All while setting a record for a players first 4 starts in the NBA averaging 27 points and 8 assists, leading a team of dog fighters, and a five game win streak for NYK.
Now his star teammates will be joining him for perhaps a miraculous run at glory for The Knicks and their fans.
Can Jeremy Lin keep up this intensity?
Once NBA teams start gearing up for him and forcing him against his strengths, can he react and respond on the level he has in the first five games?
Knicks fans all over the universe are hoping so. Because if he can perform at that level he will be the unselfish ball distributor the team has coveted all season since letting Chauncey Billups go.
It's a new day it's a new dawn it's a new zen for New Yorkers with the introduction of Jeremy Lin.
Let's keep it going.
Posted on 13 Feb 2012 by Gregg Marc Miller
Improbable GIANTS!
Who's Huge in Sports?
The fact that this years New York Giants Football team is going to the Super Bowl is extremely remarkable considering where they were halfway through the season with a 3-5 record.
Ironically they were coming off a 4 game losing steak, with losses to the likes of Green Bay and San Francisco!!
Then who do they beat to end that losing streak?
The Giants go into New England as huge underdogs and beat the Patriots 24-20.
The Giants kept coming back all year, and answered the bell once again with late season victories over the Jets and Cowboys.
However hard work and obstacles were still in front of them, and they knew they would have to confront those challenges head on if this season were going to amount to anything.
They did that with dramatic and decisive wins over Packers and 49ers in the playoffs.
Never before in the NFL has such an Improbable scenario played out where a team as lost as the Giants were eight games into the season could turn it around and be on their way to Indianapolis?
Only with the creative QB skills of a Eli Manning, the grit and determination of Coach Tom Coughlin, and the defensive line of highly skilled pass rushers, could this be possible.
NY Giants held the miracle victory 4 years ago when they shocked the World beating the Patriots. The odds are different now, but the same kind of magic must persist it's way for the Giants will to win.
It's a great matchup, and a great rematch of that Super Bowl.
I'm predicting an exciting finish like last time, with the Giants laying it on the line and letting the opportunity seize itself.
Good luck to all my Giants fan friends!
Posted on 25 Jan 2012 by Gregg Marc Miller
Huge Jan 2nd Bowl Games!
Who's Huge in Sports?
College Football games did not disappoint today!
The 3 big games that were exciting, entertaining and went to crunch time were Michigan State vs Georgia in the Outback Bowl.
Oregon vs Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl, and Stanford vs Oklahoma State in the Fiesta Bowl.

Michigan Sate won the outback bowl in dramatic fashion in triple overtime.
All year long going back to their hail Mary victory over Wisconsin, the Spartans have had luck on their side.
They got lucky in OT today after trailing at halftime 16-0.
They roared back and got some extra luck early in OT after an early interception and a missed field goal by Georgia.
Opportunity presented itself as QB Cousins got the job done and led Michigan state to the win.
Exciting game!

So was the Rose Bowl!!
Sometimes known to have lopsided blowouts, this fight between Oregon and Wisconsin was epic.
Talk about efficient offenses? Wow!
The defenses were there when they needed to be. But it's not like Baseball where good pitching will always beat good hitting.
In Football good offenses will always find a way to beat a defense.
In this case it was performed to perfection. All star players on both sides.
Russell Wilson looks like a pro QB but he didn't have enough to surpass the D & D Thomas attack of the Ducks QB and RB!
One of the best Rose Bowl games in recent memory.
Oregon wins 45-38

In more of a choke hold on the kicker as Stanford blew 2 opportunities to win the Fiesta Bowl, but the missed 34 yard FG allowed Oklahoma state to win in OT.
Andrew Luck was amazing , and will no doubt slide right into an NFL starting position. he placed Stanford in position to win this game, but his kicker blew it!
Oklahoma state Wide reciever Blackmon is a beast!!
Watch out NFL because i want him on my team next year.
No doubt a 1st rounder.
Tough luck for Stanford...but the Cowboys got it complete 41-38
Posted on 02 Jan 2012 by Gregg Marc Miller
Tebow and some good Faith!
The Tim Tebow story is Huge!
He's truly a phenomenon. The way in which he has gone about leading the Denver Broncos to 6 straight wins, and 7-1 as a starter since taking over a 1-4 team.
Tebow does it without flash, but lots of pizazz and creativity.
He's also been very lucky. However his humble existence supersedes that.
Of course it takes a team effort, including a strong defense to allow a Tebow type team to hang around in games, as 3 of the wins have come in overtime.
But Tebow is also not a stranger to big time games!
He did win 2 National Championships at Florida, so the guy knows pressure situations.
It's his grounded sense, and choir boy attitude that's got people looking.
He's so calm out there, singing christian songs out loud and in his head, while spreading the good will and love amongst his teammates surrounded by all the violence and hard hitting of the NFL.
Tim Tebow has made it work. It's his faith that drives him, and that will continue to lead this team win or lose...for now.
I just don't think you can sustain this without consistency and balance throughout the whole game?
On Sunday all tests will dealt with. This is the one where reality just might set in upon the humble drum beat of the Broncos.
Tom Brady and his 3 Super Bowl victories of experience are coming to Denver.
Despite a lack of historical success there, Patriots should roll enough to pressure Tebow and company to do more than usual.
This pressure will force Tebow into quicker decisions. Any mistakes made Brady will sure take advantage of.
However I do think Denver will make the playoffs and Tebow will continue to be as effective as his own strong will can take him in life.
Posted on 17 Dec 2011 by Gregg Marc Miller
Candid conversation w/BYRON SCOTT
Who's huge in sports?
After my candid conversation with NBA head Coach of the Cleveland CAVS and Lakers legend Byron Scott, He agrees with me that NBA players now have to make a deal, and look a little closer at the economy of the world, and understand this is part of the "correction' that needs to be done based on the current deal that had been in place. Understanding that smaller market teams cannot afford the huge salaries without a restructured CBA. Also brought into question the motive of some of the player agents?
Posing the questions to the players. Are you working for your agent, or is your agent working for you?
I think a great deal of these players are being misled by greedy agents like David Stern suggested.
Certainly things to consider amongst the chaos and confusion that I'm sure many players are feeling.
I thought at least 25% of the players in the league would probably need to look for a "part time" job, because they can't carry the nut of their expense without that NBA salary. Byron thinks that number is higher!
It's a sad state no matter what side you look at.
Bottom line is the deal and correction must be made one way or another.
Posted on 23 Nov 2011 by Gregg Marc Miller
Tom Brady is the reason the New England Patriots are so good.
Bill Belichek is great at game planning, but Brady is his executor.
Once again Tom Brady picks apart the JETS, as he has many other opponents over the last 11 years.
In the big moment when it's on the line Brady gets it done.
He's so cool and calm in the pocket, rarely rattled he uses his eyes too see everything on the field threading a needle throwing the ball on a rope just when it needs to be there.
Pats dismantle the Jets in their moment of home glory, crushing them 37-16 off the big turnovers Jets offered up.
Patriots avoid losing 3 in a row and never since 2002.
NE also owns 1st place now, and can cruise the rest of the way, while Jets need to regroup fast to face Broncos Thursday night.
The rest of Patriots mediocre under normal controls, seem to ignite into stars under Brady. He makes everyone look that good.
A patched up Pats defense did enough to knock Sanchez and the Jets off their Mark!
Posted on 13 Nov 2011 by Gregg Marc Miller
It was all in the CARDS!!
Who's Huge in Sports?
The St. Louis Cardinals won one of the most dramatic Bseball series in World Series history defeating the Texas Rangers in 7 games.
It was game 6 though where miracles were made winning in 11 innings 10-9. Maybe some plays were not made...especially defensively by Texas?
Either way both sides had their heroes, and each one of them came up big at various spots throughout the series.
Pujols becoming only the 3rd player in MLB history to hit 3 homers in a World Series, to the dramatics and clutch hitting of Mike Napoli of Texas.
No one was better than the obscure David Freese of the Cardinals.
He arrived oddly in the majors and shined at the right moment.
Freese was simply hot and saved the day in game 6 with his clutch 2 out hit with texas getting down to the last strike twice! Two times they had the Cards on the ropes 1 strike away from winning their 1st ever Championship and couldn't do it.
In game seven, Freese's clutch hitting continued with the go ahead double and 2 RBI's.
I think everyone sensed that after blowing 2 different two run leads late in game 6, it would be too much for the Rangers to overcome and comeback and win game 7, despite leading 2-0 early in the game. Eventually Carpenter settled down, did the job and won Game seven that just might have put him in the Hall of Fame!
Freese the MVP, Pujols the team leader, Carpenter the ace of the pitching staff, and Tony Larussa skipping his way as one of the all time greats in Baseball Management.
Congrats World Series Champs St. Louis Cardinals.
Posted on 29 Oct 2011 by Gregg Marc Miller
RAIDERS Just Win Baby...with Honors!!
Who's Huge in Sports?
The Oakland Raiders riding on a wave of emotion went on the road to play the hot Texans and pulled off the huge victory 25-20.
Al Davis would have loved it!
Davis was the Raiders. No matter what the era was, who the players were, or coaches, it was always the Al Davis show. His way only. His formula produced 3 Super Bowl victories and years od elite status in the NFL.
The Raiders team of today showed that determination and commitment to excellence by enduring a dramatic battle in Texas.
Jason Campbell was solid at QB with 2 TD's, but it was the defense in the end that won it for Oakland.
Matt Schaub of the Texans put up huge numbers as usual passing for over 400 yards but in the end, with a chance to score the winning touchdown, undecided about passing or running, he attempted a little flip pass that was intercepted by the Raiders Michael Huff to end the game.
Raiders victory was a telling win of respect and honor for their Iconic owner who passed away yesterday at the age of 82.
Davis was tough, and difficult to deal with, but his passion for the game and his team consumed him. No other owner ever displayed such close ties and involvement on every level of his teams personal decisions.
For Al Davis, this was his life.
Today in his memory, and while his spirit remains, he got to smile a little about the hard nosed road win over the Texans today putting the Raiders at 3-2.
Posted on 09 Oct 2011 by Gregg Marc Miller
BILLS Stamp Pats!!
Who's Huge in Sports?
The Buffalo Bills pulled off the most stunning victory for the franchise in the last ten years, as they achieved something they haven't done in 15 attempts and that was to beat the New England Patriots.
They did that shockingly 34-31 after they trailed in the 1st half 21-0.
Brady (369 & 4TD's) and Welker (217 yards & 2TD's) were on fire and unstoppable, but the Pats got lazy and Brady's 4 Interceptions fueled life into the Bills as they roared back behind crafty play of Fitzpatrick and the running and receiving of Fred Jackson, who led the Bills with 160 all purpose yards and a TD.
Bills stand alone now in the AFC at 3-0 making this a 3 team dogfight.
Buffalo has the swagger now led by a smart QB who uses his tight ends and wide receivers in a balanced attack.
Brady and company definitely looked passed the Bills after they laid claim to the 1st half. The deed however was not done, and they paid the Bills eventually snapping that 8 year record.
Jets and Patriots have more then their share of concerns, and now the Bills are in the forefront of that.
Posted on 26 Sep 2011 by Gregg Marc Miller
Team USA Woman's Soccer Wins Dramatically!
Woman's Soccer has been top notch the last 6 years reaching the semi finals in world Cup competition.
This year facing an always difficult Brazil team, the Woman came back to tie late in OT on a beautiful header from Abby Wambach, and win in dramatic fashion 5-3 on penalty kicks.
Laura wrote: "It was an Awesome game! I still get goose bumps thinking of the last goal.. 43 sec. Left in 2nd OT. That was a hockey move. Just so Happy for them. They were playing with 10 players! :)))"

Yes the USA woman's team was short handed and overcame bad calls from the referees and other obstacles.
A huge reference to the never say die attitude of an American athlete in US Sports competitions.
Go USA woman onto the Semi's again to face France.
Posted on 10 Jul 2011 by Gregg Marc Miller
A's Across the board for Oakland!
The Oakland Athletics sweep a 3 games series of Interleague play against crosstown rivals, the World Series Champion Giants, while also winning 5 straight.
After Firing their Manager Bob Geren and replacing him with Bob Melvin the team has responded.
A's win a huge home series and find themselves all of a sudden in the thick of things 5 games out of first place Texas.
Landon Powell waited with his heroics to belt his first homer of the year in the 8th off Jeremy Affeldt.
A's now have that spark of confidence beating not only their rival but the World Champs which is a 1st for them when playing these games.
Giants lost a bit of their luster ever since Lincecum got roughed up last week.
They'll need to bounce back quickly to maintain a defending champion position.
For Oakland it's all going up!
Posted on 19 Jun 2011 by Gregg Marc Miller
The Dallas Mavericks are the last team I thought would win the title at the start of the season, but they certainly from a "team" standpoint are the most deserving.
They won the NBA Championship in 6 game over the Miami Heat winning game six 105-95.
When the season began I thought this team was too old and washed up.
They had experienced season after season of failure in the playoffs since their 1st time to the finals in 06.
However then came the resurgence of Jason Kidd, Jason Terry, Shawn Marion and an additional defensive stopper in Tyson Chandler.
The MAVS had a great regular season, and after they knocked off the LAKERS in the 1st round I knew they were the favorite to win it, and the most likely.
If history has taught us anything in the NBA, it's that veteran teams usually win the finals. Not the young hipsters like Oklahoma City, or the newly formed Miami Heat. They almost did it! But not this year. They will have many more opportunities to come.
Bosh Impressed me in these playoffs, and Lebron surprised me. Surprised at his lack of poise and smart decision making in key spots.
Wade is truly the best on that team and maybe the best all around in the NBA. But Dirk is Ice man Cometh! Strong and determined Nowitzki came through when it counted despite the poor shooting percentage.
It was Jason Terry and his 27 points off the bench that daggered the Heat.
Congrats Mark Cuban and the MAVERICKS.
Well deserved and huge victory for a veteran squad.
Good for you J Kidd, and the other Mavs players.
Huge in sports and NBA Champions!!
Posted on 12 Jun 2011 by Gregg Marc Miller
MAVERICKS Break Free from HEAT!
The Dallas Mavericks won the biggest home game in the history of the franchise beating the Miami Heat 112-103 to take a 3-2 lead in the best of seven game series for the NBA Championship.
They'll have to go to Miami to win it, but they clearly have the momentum going into game six after just winning 2 in a row.
Dirk does it again scoring 29pts and willing the ball in the basket when he absolutely had to have it.
This was a spectacular game with the lead changing hands several times in the 4th quarter. Miami actually led by 5 with under 5 minutes to play, even defying Lawlers law after the Heat led 100-97. That didn't last long as Jason Terry had the biggest game of his career, hit a 3 to tie the game at 100, and from there on MAVS took control to win.
Once again Lebron shut down at crunch time despite a quiet triple double with 17pts 10 reb 10 assists. but he shot a miserable 8-19 from the field and 0-4 from 3pt range. That's not going to get it done for a Championship ring.
D. Wade injured and bruised, still carried the load, but the help down the stretch was not there.
Mark Cuban and the MAVS 1 win away from the title.
Posted on 09 Jun 2011 by Gregg Marc Miller
All out is how the Dallas Mavericks must play tonight in order to have a chance of winning their 1st NBA Title.
To get to this point the Mavs overachieved and came prepared each and every game this season. I had written this team off at the end of last season, but the resurgence of Jason Kidd and Jason Terry, and adding the defense of Tyson Chandler helped quickly revamp this team to elite status.
They have yet to display putting that all together so far in these finals, so tonight would be the night.
Dirk must mix up his offensive moves, and other members must step up and hit shots, meaning Barrea, Terry and Kidd have to hit their open jumpers to win.
The league MVP has really been Dwayne Wade, and if Dallas is smart they'll figure a way to get the ball out of his hands in crunch time.
Better to let Lebron beat you with his jump shot then watch he and Wade slash and score.
The Heat will look for the kill, while the Mavs must play confident and stone cold to overcome the huge Miami front line of Talent.
Keep an eye on Chalmers and get a body on Haslem would be the keys to containing The Heats select bench. Should be a great game!
Go NBA Finals!
Posted on 07 Jun 2011 by Gregg Marc Miller
Either Way Huge NBA Finals Game #3
One thing for sure, this 2011 NBA Finals sure has been exciting.
It just so happens that the Miami Heat are leading the series 2-1 after a dramatic 88-86 win in Dallas as Dirk Nowitzki missed a makable but difficult shot to end the game.
I witnessed Chris Bosh play the game of his life! He even hit the game winning shot. He shot only 7-18 from the field but he stepped up in a way that hasn't before with some late clutch play.
Wade is always the class of Miami and he was solid with 29pts and 11 rebounds.
D Wade clearly the all around best player in the NBA.
The Heat contained Nowitzki despite 34pts and 11 boards.
Dallas is having a tough time finding scoring options when Dirk is not in the mix. JJ Barrea must do more.
Pressure now on the MAVS must win game 4.
Dallas got the huge calls in this game and should not expect the same treatment in game four.
Lebron settled to average citizen with 17pts on 6-14 shooting.
However his plan is right on target.
Posted on 05 Jun 2011 by Gregg Marc Miller
Who's Huge in Sports?
The Vancouver Canucks are now 1 win away from getting back to the Stanley Cup Finals after beating San Jose 4-2 going back to Vancouver to try and rap it up.
The Canucks are getting excited, and if they do get back to the Finals for the 1st time since 1994 they'll be glad to see no New York teams awaiting them.
Vancouver has been to the cup finals twice in their history losing first time in 1982 to the New York Islanders, and then in 94 to the NY Rangers.
Whether it's Boston or Tampa Bay, The Canucks will be favored in the series, and it would finish a remarkable year as rarity that the team with the best regular season record would go on and win the Stanley Cup.
Sedin Brothers hot with all 4 assists while Luongo looking solid with 33 saves.
Time to win at the dream.
Posted on 23 May 2011 by Gregg Marc Miller
Who's Huge in Sports?
Only 3 seasons removed from the worst record in the NBA and their controversial move out of Seattle, The Oklahoma City Thunder are going to the NBA Western Conference Finals against the Dallas Mavericks, with the winner going to the Finals.
Led by the NBA's leading scorer and most slick and crafty one since the likes of George Gervin, Kevin Durant is leading the way. Durant put his stamp on game #7 at home with 39 huge points and 9 rebounds crushing the Memphis Grizzlies 105-90.
However Durant would not be in this position if it weren't for his smooth operating point guard Russel Westbrook who's triple double 14pts 14 assists and 10 rebounds solidifies this dynamic young duo.
They overshadowed the overachieving accomplishments last night of the Grizzlies Mayo, Randolph and Conley who shot a combined 18-46.
Durant and Westbrook were locked in.
Now they have their sights set on getting to the big show. They're destined to be there, but will this be their year with the veteran Dallas Mavericks well rested and waiting?
It should be a great matchup but for Sunday, the Thunder will enjoy the ride of being Huge in Sports and going to the Conference Championship.
Posted on 15 May 2011 by Gregg Marc Miller
MAVERICKS Break Through
Who's Huge in Sports?
The Dallas Mavericks just completed the most satisfying and greatest series win in the teams history.
They've been to the final before. In fact Dallas was 2 wins away from their 1st NBA title in 2006 when Duane Wade and Shaq put on the show winning 4 straight games that brought the Heat their 1st Championship.
This series sweep over the Lakers is even bigger!
It puts The Mavericks over the hump having the Spurs and Lakers now in their rear view mirror. They're the veteran team poised to go to the finals in The West. With a focused Dirk Nowitzki, a dialed in Jason Terry and a rejuvenated Jason Kidd, this Maverick team is strong. Deep also with the defensive pressure of Tyson Chandler, and bench core of Barrea, Marion, and Stoyakovic.
I admit that after last season I called for them to blow up this team!
They gave all the signs they were done. But the turnaround of Kidd and Terry, plus adding Chandler really has made the difference.
They Could see a young and hungry Thunder team to play before getting to the finals, but whoever it is, this Mavs team is determined to do this thing.
Dirk is a star and a true championship type player, while Kidd is a Basketball legend at this point. Dallas is lined up to win it all.
Huge win over the Lakers sweeping them 4-0 and crushing them in game 4 122-86!!
Never before has a Laker team gone out in such a way, especially under the control of Phil Jackson who has never been swept in 21 years of coaching beofre now.
Kobe could not do this alone. He tried, but did not have the supporting cast.
Props to the Mavs for staying tuned and closing them out with a vicious instinct.
Dallas Mavericks on their way to the Western Conference Finals.
Posted on 08 May 2011 by Gregg Marc Miller
CELTICS Cool down HEAT opening night!
Who's Huge in Sports?
The NBA 2010-11 season got underway Tuesday night, and the Boston Celtics came out storming at home to clobber the new look Heat 88-80.
Things obviously haven't completely developed, but then again the Heat don't want to use that as an excuse and just win straightup.
The big three were on the court, but not very effective. Lebron came on late but it's obvious this team will need some time to find their harmony.
I'm saying right here that this is a very talented team, but that leaves them with a very thin lineup upfront. I don't think right now the Heat have enough to do it?
I also think that the one flaw in Lebron's plan is the assessment of Chris Bosh who shot 3-11 and grabbed 8 rebounds. They'll need to spend solid double from him, and I don't think they're jump shooting happy team that need a high vacation
Posted on 27 Oct 2010 by Gregg Marc Miller
Who's Huge In Sports?
MLB 2010 league Championship series. The American League with The Mighty Yankees and 1st time to tap dancers Texas Rangers.
Texas has the home field advantage and will host The AL Championship tonight pulling out all the stops to beat the Yankees.
Texas has a good shot because of mainly 1 man. Cliff Lee and his dominating Pitching along with the consistent C.J Wilson and some timely hitting, Texas has a legitimate shot at actually winning and advancing to the World Series.

Of course their greatest challenge is right in front of them having been to the playoffs 3 times in the 90's only to lose each time to NY.
Arod, Jeter, Texeira, Sabathia, Rivera all ready to spoil The Texas parade. But could it be the end of the road for these Yankees? Do they have another World Series run in them for this group?

In the NL Championship series we have the powerful Phillies going up against what has really been the best pitching staff in Baseball this season the San Francisco Giants.
It is clear the Giants do not have the offensive weapons to deal with philly, but will have to dig deep and play above their potential to have any shot.
Phils pitching is solid behind Halladay and Oswalt, but so is the Giants led by 2 time Cy Young winner Lincecum and Matt Cain.
I talked at the trading deadline about the Giants adding some pop to their lineup, but they were only able to come away with Jose Guillen? who's not even on the active roster.
So there will be major questions about the depth of San Fran.
Do they have enough offense to pull this off?
Can they fend off the power of Howard, Utley and Victorino?
They'll have to keep it low scoring and execute timely hitting, but if their staff isn't completely on their game it could be a quick exit for the dreams of Giant fans looking for their 1st ever World Series Victory in San Francisco.
Enjoy the games everyone.
Posted on 15 Oct 2010 by Gregg Marc Miller
JETS Smother Vikings near and FAVRE
Who's Huge In Sports?
The NEW YORK JETS have solidified themselves as the hard nosed Championship style team they claimed to be starting the season.
This one was extra special because it was beating Brett Favre. The Vikings QB who romanced the Jets 2 years ago playing only 1 season before faking another retirement, only to follow with his plan all along which was to sign with the Vikings.
Leaving the Jets organization and the fans feeling very used.
Maybe it's going to take for Favre to have a game like this, and a season of blunders at 1-3 for him to know he can't do it anymore on a high level consistently.
I Think we will be seeing the last of Favre in weeks to come.
Until then I respect the old Man's determination and grit.
Well things do come full circle, and Minnesota came into NY Monday night knowing they were encountering a very tough team to handle.
Jets came through winning 29-20, but they rattled and hummed Favre all night, despite the fact that he threw his record setting 500th career Touchdown pass, he also set the record for most fumbles in NFL history with 142.
Strange game for Favre as he threw for 264 yards and 3 TD passes but was sacked 3 times and hurried plenty, while throwing the ultimate game ending INT to Dwight Lowery who took it in for a pick 6.
Jets on Fire. Sanchez steady as could be. No touchdowns for him, but solid QB play and NO Interceptions.
Jets dominated in all phases of the game despite the score.
The Jets just seemed to control the game from start to finish.
Jets defense hot in every aspect of the game.
Yes Revis looks tentative, but He's nursing that hammy still, and it's hard to extend completely until that's healed. The rest of the defense was stout.
Bring on the Broncos!! JETS are Huge!
Posted on 12 Oct 2010 by Gregg Marc Miller
Who's Huge in sports?
Yes the San Francisco Giants did get a Huge win Sunday night in Atlanta to go up 2-1 in their playoff series with The Braves, but I'm talking about the Football NY GIANTS Huge win on the road against The Texans.
Everyone thought the Giants would have a tough time matching up with the speedy Texans offense. But the NY Defense started displaying something awesome last week against the Bears and carried that over to their road game in Texas.
Giants got off to a fast start cruising to a 24-3 halftime lead.
Whatever scare the Texans presented in the 2nd half quickly evaporated with a pounding balanced Giant offense running with Jacobs and Bradshaw and receiving with Hakeem Nicks!
Giants cruise to the 34-10 victory led by one of the great games of Eli Manning throwing for 297yrds and 3 TD's + No INT's.
Nicks was at his best and came up huge with 12 catches for 130 yrds and 2 TD's wow!!
Giants are huge and get the Lions next week at home.
Texans need to regroup after looking like they were going towards elite status, and will get KC next week.
Hugeness in NYG Land.
Posted on 11 Oct 2010 by Gregg Marc Miller
Who's huge in sports?
George Steinbrenner was huge in sports, in every sense of the way.
He was a huge presence in baseball from the time he purchased the club in 1973 for $8.7 million.
George passed away Tuesday morning at the age of 80 due to a sever heart attack.
Steinbrenner was responsible for turning around the Yankee organization, and for bringing wealth and wonder to all of professional Baseball.
George was outspoken, and his hands on style of ownership set a precedence for future owners of the same personalty. Steinbrenner also instilled that winning tradition for an organization looking to identify Itself as heroes and for the people.
George made it happen. He paid high salaries, but demanded top notch behavior and of course results in return. He had a lot of team rules that focused on Image and representation. Looking the best and acting the best was important to George.
He's made millions for all the MLB teams while raising the level of class, dignity and respect.
George brought back the Championships to restore the legacy of the winningest franchise in all of professional sports. The Yankees pride was reborn and produced 11 More world Championships under his umbrella.
George has had his low moments with the likes of Dave Winfield and others.
He was flamboyant and would speak out and rant without thinking at times, but his passion, dedication, and determination to turn the Yankee organization around and into winners set the bar high, and can not be matched.
George will be missed by the people he touched, and will forever be revered for greatness by the people of New York and Yankee fans around the globe.
Posted on 14 Jul 2010 by Gregg Marc Miller
Who's huge in sports?
Being part of the 2010 ALL SPORTS LOS ANGELES FILM FESTIVAL this past weekend was huge! My "sizzle reel" was well recieved, and we made lots of new contacts for the show.
This Sports Film Festival is a great avenue for any young sports film maker or original programmer to launch their material and be recognized by a collective group of some of the most Influential people in the sports Industry.
There are other amazing projects I want to recognize. One is a documentary about the Legendary Pete Rose called 4192. This is such an incredible piece of work directed by Terry Lukemire. It's as good as any great documentary you would see on HBO, ESPN or any other major sports outlet. The sad reality of this picture is that when you watch it you can't help but think that anyone involved with MLB Organization has to be embarrassed about not recognizing the record breaking accomplishments of Pete Rose on the baseball field.
Whatever his crime was to Baseball as being involved with gambling during his coaching career had nothing to do with what he was a player, and he should be in the hall of fame for what he did on the field ...Period! You want to still ban him from actively participating in Baseball then fine, but it's a sham and disgrace to the Intelligence of any knowledgeable sports fan to keep Baseballs best all time hitter and Iron man out of the Hall of fame. It's unthinkable based on his performance after 24 years of playing.
Rose will have his justification one day, and that day will be looked at as long overdue.
This is injustice in sports history in the biggest way. Pete Rose where are you?

Another Incredible project at the festival that needs to be recognized is the short documentary film "One Last Run" Directed by Paul Del Pizzo who tells the story of Victor Konovalov who was paralyzed at the age of 20 from a motorcycle accident. He ended up becoming the only 5 time Wheelchair Body building Champion.
To see his hard work and dedication in overcoming obstacles and not letting anything stand in the way of his dreams was a truly Inspirational message that hit home with me.
It's Important to look closely at a handicap person and give a hand or a smile. You just might be surprised at the amazing response you'll get!
Pete Rose and Victor Komovalov are huge, and are heroes for their contributions and accomplishments.
Posted on 12 Jul 2010 by Gregg Marc Miller
Who's huge in sports?
You have to pay tribute to John Wooden, who passed away Friday at the tender age of 99.
Whether you're a basketball fan or a fan of education, and tutoring, and training, and discipline and conduct, and character and Integrity and honor. That was John Wooden.
A life coach. A philosopher. A great Basketball coach. He led the UCLA Bruins to 10 National Championships between 1964 & 1975 including 7 in a row between 67-73.
His teams were always so prepared for the lessons that went on in practice. That was coach Wooden's favorite times as a coach in practice where he could really study, examine and teach his players. Wooden strongly believed in the fundamentals, and like the great philosopher Thoreau, John Wooden looked to simplify life.
Basic principals, but taught and executed with the best of grace, poise, tact and knowledge.
Steve Lavin called Wooden the greatest coach in all of sport. His Legacy will live on for generations and in the people he touched. I'm grateful to have met him a few times at the spry age of 89 & 90. Meeting him was like meeting Joe Dimaggio. The legendary mystique, and demeanor....although Wooden was a much greater contributor to the principals he provided. My favorite quote of his has always been Inspiring.
"You can't have confidence unless you are prepared. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail' And I say to him ...
"Inspiration move me brightly" because that's what his message has done for me.
He also said that he learned something from every individual he has ever met, and when I did meet him, he had that presence and focus while engaging me briefly in conversation.
So I feel it's hard to be sad for long, but better to celebrate his life, as his legacy will live on for generations as the greatest life coach...and I'm sure Basketball coach as well.
Rest In Peace Dear Sir. Your physical presence will surely be missed.
But your message and legend is clear and Huge.
Posted on 05 Jun 2010 by Gregg Marc Miller
The KID always stays in the Picture
Who's huge in sports?
Ken Griffey Jr. of the Seattle Mariners baseball club has always been huge in Baseball.
Griffey better known as "the Kid" Played the game right, with Fun and Passion.
He retires now after 22 seasons in MLB and is a sure lock as a first ballot hall of famer into Cooperstown NY.
It's sad though that in today's world of sports we have to make a point of emphasis to commend him for just playing the game honestly, and with Integrity.
And that he did, amongst a group of peers that have been linked to, or have been involved in all kinds of wrong doings in Baseball. Griffey Jr. played it right, and smart. All 630 home runs 1,836 RBI's will stand tall and proud as 5th on the all time list.
They thought he would break all the records when he started out with over 398 Home runs hit in Seattle, but when he moved back to his home town for free agency, it never worked out quite like he planned it. In Cincinnati he battled injuries and never showed that same flair, but always gave it his best. He was also a tremendous outfielder who would sky high over the walls to bring back potential opposing Home Runs.
Although he never helped either team win a pennant, he provided them with the class and dignity that a superstar player brings to an organization. He set the tone and probably was responsible for helping keep baseball in the Pacific Northwest.
Griffey also got to do something almost unheard of in the world of sports and that was to play on the same team in Seattle as his father. In fact they are the only father son combination to hit back to back home runs in a game. What a night that must have been? Along with so many other great memories, congrats need to go out to Ken Griffey Jr. And thanks for all you've done for the the fans, and for Baseball.
Ken Griffey Jr. is now and will forever be considered huge in sports.

who do you think is huge in sports?
Please leave a comment
Posted on 03 Jun 2010 by Gregg Marc Miller

The Oklahoma City Thunder blew a huge opportunity to win game #3 of the NBA Finals in Miami.
The Thunder lost to the Heat 91-85 but it was their poor execution of fundamentals and mental preparation down the stretch that cost them.
Much of the problem surrounded the play of James Harden who had maybe his worst game as a pro.
He shot a horrible 2-10 and 0-4 from 3pt range, plus had 2 costly turnovers only compounded by the biggest bonehead play of the game, when he got called for a foul late in the game while his coach was screaming from the sidelines, Don't Foul Don't Foul!!! Even if the coach wasn't screaming,
as an NBA player in that spot you must understand the situation and clearly Harden was hard headed on that play, putting James on the line thus sealing the game with a 4 point lead at that point.
The whole Thunder team seemed out of sync and character down the stretch, truly showing their youth and inexperience in such a big dramatic moment.
Clearly though it was Harden's poor play at key times that cost the team.
What really worked for the Heat was the play of Lebron James scoring 29pts but hitting clutch shots when it counted most.
Wade struggled giving the Thunder a chance at the end, but it was clear the ball needed to be in Jame's hand, because with this superstar list you have to go with the hot guy.
Durant and Westbrook had good games, but not great ones.
They trail the Heat now 2-1 with 2 more in Miami.
It's obvious that OKC must take game 4 or it's goodnight moon.
they could go home trailing 3-2 and win game 6, and 7 on their turf, but a key essential to their confidence would be taking the next one, or else King James day will come.
Posted on 17 Jun 2012 by Gregg Marc Miller
HEAT adds Pressure
The Miami Heat are in a position to really blow the entire 2011-2012 NBA season after leading the Boston CELTICS 2-0.
Now they trail 3-2 choking away their home court advantage and have to go and handle the whiley veteran group of Celtics.
Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett are serious warriors of the game. For some reason Lebron and Wade don't seem to have the same demeanor.
So this could lead to some off season tweeking if this group doesn't get it done and steal this game tonight in Boston.
Tonight we'll see what Lebron James is really made of.
I think we've seen Dwayne Wade prove himself, but we haven't seen them do it collectively as a cohesive unit.
Bosh is not the difference maker, and the choke signs are heavy.
Let it be a great game but all the pressure is on the Miami Heat to fulfill their season's goal. Anything short of that to them, is failure.
Posted on 07 Jun 2012 by Gregg Marc Miller
CLIPPERS Growing Pains
The LA Clippers got a taste of the playoff comeback magic they displayed on Memphis in game #1 of that series when Clips were down 29 and came back to win.
This was a little different because it happened in the 1st half, but the Clippers had a massive 25 point lead against the SPURS and lost it in the 2nd half when San Antonio reeled off 24 straight unanswered points in the 3rd quarter that made it a deficit too large for LA to come back from losing 96-86.
A total of 8 points scored in the 3rd did it.
This is still a very young Clippers team that have lived up to great expectations this season. They've been exposed a bit for their weaknesses, and Blake Griffin must expand his game and range to draw defenders. Right now he's too one dimensional and teams are prepared for it.
They're down 3-0 in the series with the Spurs and will not be able to recover, but there's a lot of positives to work from for next season.
Posted on 19 May 2012 by Gregg Marc Miller
LA Clippers slipping.
Most teams go through this kind of thing at some point of the season.
Timing is also everything.
This is not a good time for the Clippers to slump like this.
With the shortened season, confidence and cohesion go hand in hand.
The Clippers don't seem to have that right now, especially on the road.
They've lost 3 in a row, and the first two were not even close losing by 13 to the PACERS, by 23 at the hands of the THUNDER, but tonight was the low point losing to the lowly New Orleans Hornets 97-90 The former team of Clippers star PG CP3.
This ends this road trip stretch as Clips return home Saturday to play Memphis.
despite 21pts and 11 rebs tonight, Blake Griffin has struggled lately.
Teams are keying in on him and his reaction time and mobility in that response needs to be quicker.
Caron Butler also needs to step up his game as his shooting and defense have been dismal.
Paul did not have a good game shooting 5-14 from the field, but he did have 9 assists but can't carry the team every night.
The additions of Nick Young and Kenyon Martin need to gel and payoff.
Former Clipper Kaman gave a little payback scoring 20pts and
10 rebounds.
This is the best shot with the best team in Clippers history.
They don't want to let this huge opp elude them.
Posted on 22 Mar 2012 by Gregg Marc Miller
Lenny Dykstra is a man who has fallen from grace.
Question is, was he ever really grace?
He was known as "Nails", as in "tough as" when he came up with the NY METS in the 80's. He continued that style of play and reputation with the Phillies as well and gave it all up after 12 seasons.
However during that illustrious career, he was a foul mouthed, cocky, hard drinking, womanizing , wise cracking human being, and continued on with that demeanor in his business life after he hung up the bats and balls.
Dykstra was never right in his business ventures.
He's a true natural born shyster....and you can't take the hustle out of a hustler, even if he's disguised in a major league baseball uniform.
Lenny is being made an example of here. But it seems well deserved for the trail of disasters, one after the next that he has been involved with.
It's a sad story for everyone, to see a fallen star, especially to those who remember him as the hard working Baseball player he was helping the METS win the world Series in 1986.
He's going to jail in a California state prison on a 3 year sentence.
Hopefully during that time, a true person of character will emerge from this mayhem, and then it's possible to have potential for a comeback story of the best kind.
Posted on 05 Mar 2012 by Gregg Marc Miller
NFL Should take Responsibility
The NFL should take responsibility for all the current lawsuits filed against them by former players who are now suffering from life altering concussions and head injuries.
Even the case of Dave Duerson and his suicide!
There's a strong point to his families arguments.
The NFL makes so much money having become for years now the top grossing product in sports and television.
If for anything and the ability to afford it, out of the goodness that they should realize the sacrifice these players made to help make the game what is today, during the evolution and progression of the sport.
The NFL should settle these suits without going to trial, and then continue the process of educating players, and helping the veterans carry on with maintaining health conditions long after their playing days.
Please do the right thing NFL! Take the high road, and help these players who sacrificed so much for that taste of game and glory.
Posted on 23 Feb 2012 by Gregg Marc Miller
BILLS are all Paid Out!!
Who's Not huge in sports?
The Buffalo Bills are really horrible, and terrible fakers from the effort they put on in the beginning of the year. Then they gave Ryan Fitzpatrick major franchise money, and he's starting to look like a bust!
Not taking anything away from Miami, who annihilated Buffalo today 35-8 and have resurgence with 3 wins in a row under Matt Moore. Matt Moore is playing well, but believe me the Dolphins are not going to give him $59 million dollars!
Buffalo has not won a game since signing Fitzpatrick to that contract. Yikes!!
If the Bills were smart, they would play Brad Smith a lot more after signing him away from the Jets for a cool $14 million free agent contract.
Big spenders the bills....
Today they could not snap the ball properly!
I know they've had changes in the offensive line, but whatever man...
this is the NFL! and we expect players to rise up and play efficiently and fundamentally sound. The Bills are none of these things right now.
Right now the Bills are a confused bunch pf players headed for a fate Bills fans are used to seeing. Losing records and not making the playoffs.
Like they Jets They are headed in the wrong direction at 5-5.
Not much relief in sight as I witnessed a gutless performance from the Bills players.
They were down big in the 2nd half, but had a 1st and goal from the 2 yard line in the 3rd quarter and could not score. They didn't even come close.
Dolphins swimming back to life!
BILLS way overpaid and Not huge in sports.
Posted on 20 Nov 2011 by Gregg Marc Miller
Who's Not huge in Sports?

Okay that's it!! I have to speak out about this NBA Lockout.
At this point I must absolutely side with the owners.
I understand what the perspective is for the players and their perceived equal stake and claim in NBA related revenue.
However the bottom line remains that the Boss and owners pay the bills.
Asking for a 50/50 split sounds reasonable to me?
Especially when you consider many of the small market teams don't draw sell out crowds, and have struggled to pay the demanding high priced salaries.

True from the players defense that the NBA owners need a collective bargaining agreement such as the one in the NFL.
Though getting the wealthy owners like New York, LA, Chicago, to go along with that...will take it's due process. But for now just to get back to playing and try and patch up the relationship with disgruntled fans, accept the deal players!!
Especially in this economy??
You're making huge money but now have to accept a slight pay cut.
Compared to most people in this country, it's difficult to explain this to the common American, and have people side with you?

Let's play Ball!!!
Thousands of people who's livelyhood depends on the NBA are out of work right now and can't support their families in their current trade because of your (at this point) selfishness.
We can't tell the boss what to do!! We can only do the best we can to survive and be be happy. Let's be happy again and have our NBA.
The Knicks were just starting to come together...and now who cares??
We're all pissed off about this!!
You've made your point and your voice has been heard.
Pick up the reigns and continue your fight another time.
Before it gets worse...please cut the deal and get to playing ball.
Thank you.

What's your take?
Posted on 04 Nov 2011 by Gregg Marc Miller
The Texas Rangers gave it all they had but just came up short of winning their 1st ever World Championship in Baseball.
However as good as they played to make it to back to back World Series, we have to look a little closer at the fact they really choked this one away.
Several times in games 5 & 6 Texas had a chance to put the Cardinals away and couldn't do it. Certainly Nelson Cruz failure to catch the ball with 2 outs 2 strikes in the bottom of the 9th in game 6 proved costly. It was simply a ball that should have been caught. It wasn't routine but it was a catch a major league right fielder needs to make. He got FREESED OUT!!
David Freese hit a beauty, but had some hometown luck on his side as well.
For Texas they will be hard pressed to return to this spot. What remains now is a lot of "what ifs" and 'we were 1 strike away from winning!!"
Hard to swallow.
The Cards were all lined up but the Rangers futility continues into it's 5th decade.
Better luck next year.
Posted on 29 Oct 2011 by Gregg Marc Miller
JETS D' for Doesn't get it done!
The New York JETS spectacular defense led by the ever proud Rex Ryan failed in their biggest moment when the team, organization and fans needed them most for 1 stop!
Jets had cut the score to 27-21 against New England with seven minutes to go in the game.
Get the ball back and Sanchez may have driven the team for the winning touchdown!? All they needed was a stop from their supposed "A+" defense.
They couldn't do it. Brady orchestrated the team led by Ben Jarvis Green Ellis, who looked like the 2nd coming of the greatest power runner ever!....whoever you want that to be? They led the Pats to the game securing field goal to take a 9 point lead WITH 1:06 left and no time outs!. There are no 9 point plays in Football.
Brady and Belickecks strategy beat the Jets with their own philosophy.
Out smarted, and out coached.
When it came down to it, Jets did not come through.
Much evaluation to be made about the depth of this group.
Doesn't seem as strong as in the past 2 seasons?
Jets home for the next 2 can shed some light before the BYE week.
But this is NOT Championship Jets football...sorry.
Posted on 09 Oct 2011 by Gregg Marc Miller
Florida Can't Shake Bad Fish Smell!!
The Florida Marlins are going through one of their worst stretches in Team history losing 10 in a row and 17 of their last 18 ball games.
Then Their "Skipper" Edwin Rodriguez suddenly resigns ....when there was no calling for his job?
He's bailing on this bad situation. Brandon Hyde his bench coach will be the Interim Manager.
Maybe Rodriguez thought his stepping down would ignite the team?
Well it didn't work on Sunday as the Marlins struggled to score runs and gave up a late 8th Inning run off a mental "error" by Pitcher Ryan Webb.
Rays win 2-1 and of course sweep the series from Florida.
Marlins will try to seek their salvation against the LA Angels coming in off a series win vs The Mets.
Bad fish right now In Florida. So bad they're not huge in sports.
Posted on 19 Jun 2011 by Gregg Marc Miller
Lebron Not MVP
Who's Not Huge in Sports?
Turns out D Wade was really the prime free agent all along?
Everyone fussing over Lebron, and the "decision", turns out Wade is the better all around big time clutch player.
James however swearing this (game 5) would be the game of his life after his miserable 8pts gm 4, did accomplish a triple double, but his shot selection and decision making in clutch moments was suspect.
King James?? I think not.
Posted on 10 Jun 2011 by Gregg Marc Miller
A lot of BULL
Who's Not Huge in Sports?
The Chicago Bulls are not looking like a Championship team, nor is Derrick Rose performing like the league MVP.
They are also letting the Miami Heat dictate the pace of this series as Chicago trails the best of seven 2-1 with a critical game 4 coming up Tuesday in Miami.
Note to the Bulls coaching staff and players:
Can someone please guard Udonis HASLEM!
I dislike the Heat. That is no secret. But if they do win this series, then look no further than Haslem as the key addition. The one dynamic power forward (Injured all season) who I feared would be the missing link to Miami's success in Lebron's 1st season once he got healthy.
Looks like I was right! His style is fit for almost any team.
Reminds me of a Knick favorite, a more athletic Charles Oakley.
Haslem is perfect for Miami, and teams need to respect his position because right now he's The Heats saving front court option off the bench. Everyone else is sitting.
Get it together Bulls or it's Sayonara!
Posted on 23 May 2011 by Gregg Marc Miller
Who's not huge in sports?
The NY Yankees are in the middle of an early season slump that could be more defining than in years past. Especially since they just got swept by the Boston Red Sox, going down Sunday after blowing an early 4-1 lead to lose 7-5.
Problem here is Yankees are an "older" team, and therefore will find it more challenging to rally for the long haul. If the pitching cannot counteract some of the offensive downfalls, then this catchup and come from behind thing will be regular fare for the Yanks.
Lester (5-1) settled down and got the win for the Sox while Garcia (2-3) took the loss for NY.
These teams are clearly going in opposite directions with the Red Sox just reaching the .500 mark and the Yankees heading there.
The game was surrounded with controversy over Jorge Posada pulling himself from the start of the game for unspecified reasons.
However the vibe appears to be one of a slowdown. The lack of confidence in the production of some aging hall of fame Baseball Players.
We realize mediocrity has struck the Yankees Pitching staff, but now we're seeing the aging and the ending of some of that greatness that Baseball fans and New Yorkers have enjoyed for so many years.
No break for the team as they head south to play the Hot Tampa Rays as Burnett (4-2) will face Price (5-3)
Good luck Yanks because you certainly were not huge in sports this weekend.
Posted on 15 May 2011 by Gregg Marc Miller
Who's Not Huge in Sports?
The New York Giants have had letdowns before but Sunday night's loss to a depleted Dallas team takes the cake.
Giants couldn't correct their own blunders even when the opportunities arose losing to the hapless Cowboys 33-20. Eli put up good numbers (373yds passing & 2TD's) but made some sloppy decisions throwing 2 INT's and failing to cover up cautiously a fumble he could have easily recovered. Just simply careless.

Dallas under new head coach Jason Garrett feels new life pumped into his team after shocking the Giants at home. NY had It's chances but penalties, and Turnovers cost them.
This should instill some confidence in a Cowboys team that's been devastated this year. Garrett attempting to show his skills as the man in charge presented J Jones and Dallas fans something unexpected yesterday. Reason to smile in Texas? Not really. Cowboys got out to the early start but their Defense was not sharp. Giants sloppy play opened the door for them. Something they've done for less fortunate teams. Giants made Backup Jon Kitna look like an All Pro with 327 yds passing and 3 TD's.
Gmen need focus now to achieve their very attainable destiny in Football heaven.
Giants at 6-3 have a big time contest with Philly next week. A lot will be told after that game. For Sunday though, Giants slip sliding and Not Huge!
Posted on 15 Nov 2010 by Gregg Marc Miller
Who's Not Huge in sports?
The Cincinnati Bengals thought they had finally gotten over the hump after last seasons great run finishing 10-6, winning their division plus knocking of the Steelers twice in the regular season!
It all ended in disappointment for them with a wild card Playoff loss to the JETS.

It's been down hill since then as the Bengals entered Monday night's matchup against the Steelers 2-5 needing a victory to keep their season alive, came out sloppy and full of turnovers losing 27-21.
They actually had a chance at the end to win the game, but Carson Palmer could not connect with any of his receivers. Despite the big game by T.O. for 10 catches, 140 yards and 2 TD's Cincy just could not get that big play finish, as a 4th and 5 in the red zone failed as the ball slipped away from Shipley and the Bengals season.

Steelers not even at their best won this game in the clutch by the defense.
Roethlisberger was moderate with 176 yards passing 1 TD and 1 INT.
but the team is 6-2 and will have the Patriots coming into Heinz field next week.
Bengals will continue their misery heading into hungry Indianapolis to take on the Colts.
For Monday night Bengals certainly not huge.
Posted on 08 Nov 2010 by Gregg Marc Miller
Who's not huge in sports?
The Texas Rangers suffered their most bitter most horrific loss in team History in game #1 of the ALCS 2010.
It's almost cruel, somewhat sad, and of course the the domination and control of the New York Yankees and their lock on the Rangers franchise.
Texas was up 5-0!! on the World Champs through 7 Innings.
Top Ranger Hamilton got the game going with a 3 run boom shot off CC, and then
M Young, who's struggled recently hit the biggest double of his career putting Texas up comfortably 5-0. at the time.
C.J. Wilson was great till a crack of the bat from Cano in the 7th.
He started the 8th in trouble when a hustling Bret Gardner ignited the Yanks with his dramatic infield single.
Once Wilson was chased the fangs came out and the Yankee sluggers feasted.
First it was Jeter's double, then Arod's Single, followed by Cano's single, and Thames single.
Bottom of the 8th and the Yanks are up 6-5. Done ...see ya as Mariano Rivera comes in to seal it.
Devastation in Texas. The Rangers once again fail to ever win a playoff game at home!
Can they rebound mentally from this and bounce back for game #2?
They better. Pitching matchups has Colby Lewis (13-12) going against Phil Hughes (18-8)
All pressures go on Texas now to win game #2 or toast.
Could it be too late by the time Lee gets to pitch?
We'll see but for Friday night Texas was not huge.
Posted on 16 Oct 2010 by Gregg Marc Miller